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Be Bronze Studio is the spot to get your custom airbrush spray tans. When you leave our studio, you will have an amazing bronze but we don’t stop there. To us, spray tans are an essential part of wellness and care. That’s why our tans are specifically designed to protect and nourish your skin as well!

The most important thing you can leave with is the confidence to take on any obstacle that Hollywood throws your way!


how is be bronze different?

Let’s start with what makes our philosophy different from other Hollywood tanning studios. At Be Bronze, we believe that glowy bronze skin should not come at the cost of skin damage and premature aging!

Our core belief is that a tan should add to your overall health and skincare, not take away from it. After trying everything else out there, we were unsatisfied with both the tanning solution and the application process. So, naturally, we did what bosses do – we went off to concoct our own solution.

The results speak for themselves. When you leave your appointment, you will feel like a goddess. Some people may find that to be crazy but we’re not worried. We’re not catering to them. We are catering to you, the girl who deserves the best skincare that Hollywood can offer.

The Be Bronze team is here to guide you through the whole tanning process: from pre-tan skincare to customizing your shade of bronze and how to extend the life of your tan, we got your back. And your front.

West Hollywood tanning

PAMPER YOURSELF One tanning SESSION at a time

Our custom tanning formulation is made from the highest quality ingredients. From French-imported EcoCert DHA to an anti-aging complex, we want to elevate your skincare on spray tan at a time. With each tanning session, we are nourishing your skin and enhancing your natural beauty.

The key is to make each tan look natural and radiant. Our experienced technicians spend the time to understand your desired outcome, how much time you have for your tan to develop, and more. We combine this information with your skin type, hair color, and eye color to craft a flawless, custom airbrush spray tan.

Throughout this process, we want to get to know you and your skincare goals. There is a reason why we went through the effort of crafting the perfect tanning solution and application process. Because you deserve it.


west hollywood tanning – perfected

Unfortunately, “spray tan” has gotten a bad name. When people think of spray tanning, they think of uneven tans, tan lines, and orange skin. They could not be more wrong.

At Be Bronze, we pride ourselves on the ability to create effortless glowing skin no matter the situation. We create a natural looking tan that works with your hair, eyes, makeup, and occasion. Our approach to custom airbrush spray tanning is what separates us from other spray tan options.

Looking for the best tanning experience in West Hollywood? Look no more. Be Bronze Studio has perfected tanning.

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SEEKING hollywood spray tan candidates

We’re looking for babes. Do you know any? We may be a little biased, but Be Bronze has crafted the personalized tanning solution that you have been looking for. We are meticulous about what goes on your skin, and you should be too.

Be prepared to take on any obstacle from the 101 to Hollywood Boulevard!