Frequently Asked Questions

+ What do I wear to my appointment?

Wear dark and loose clothing. No yoga pants, no denim, no sports bras. Tight clothing can leave marks! If possible, wear a long black t-shirt dress and go commando! As for shoes, best to wear sandals. If it's raining on the day of your appointment, bring an umbrella as rain can also streak your spray tan!

+ How long will my spray tan last?

Your spray tan should last anywhere 5 to 7 days, depending on your aftercare and frequency of exfoliating.

+ Aren’t spray tans orange?

Not this one! The orange discoloration is due to improper application, color mixology, or improper skin care either before or after your spray tan. Follow our prep and aftercare instructions and you will be the perfect shade of bronze.

+ Do I tan naked?

Most babes tan nude to avoid the tan lines. If you prefer a tan line, we recommend a thin strong thong.

For the boys: Minimal clothing, such as boxers or briefs.

+ How long does an appointment take?

Your spray tan will usually take 15–20 minutes, but we can’t get enough of you. So we allocate a full 30 minutes for each client.

+ Can I still tan in the sun with a spray tan?

You can, but why age prematurely and damage that beautiful skin of yours?! Seriously, wear SPF babe. Spray tans provide no UV protection.

+ Have a question or comment?

We’re here for you. For more information about spray tan care, visit our Spray Tan Care page. Also feel free to call 424-302-0969 or email