Beverly Hills Tanning

Welcome to Be Bronze! We offer the best Beverly Hills spray tanning experience, bar none.

That’s a bold claim so we’re going to spend some time explaining why that’s the case. To us, tanning is more than just looking good. It’s about feeling a certain way, using the best quality products, and having a professional application.

The Be Bronze team has concocted a custom tanning solution that brings out your natural glow, leaving you with a natural-looking bronze. If that wasn’t enough, our custom airbrush spray tans come with an anti-aging complex to keep you looking great. Instead of worrying about sun damage or premature aging, make Be Bronze part of your skincare ritual.

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How Is Be Bronze Different?

Let’s start with what goes on your skin. We have created a custom spray tan formulation made with French-imported EcoCert DHA and an FDA-approved anti-aging complex. When it comes to color, we want to leave you with an effortless, natural bronze. That means there is no orange hue and no sticky residue that are associated with other tans.

Spray tans are also highly personal. Your tan should be an extension of you – which is why we take into account your skin type, hair color, eye color, and preferences to create the perfect tan. (If you’re pressed for time, ask us about our Express Tan!) Good things usually take time, and we’re kind of amazed at what we can do in 30 minutes!

Let’s get you glowing today

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Beverly Hills tanning

Get the Best Spray Tan Possible

Tanning in Beverly Hills is essential. If you don’t believe us, think back to when your tan didn’t look or feel right. With Be Bronze, you can feel good about what goes on your skin. Say goodbye to harmful toxins once and for all.

We would like to welcome you to a world of nourishment and pampering – because you deserve the best!

The Be Bronze team specifically crafted our tanning solution and application process to meet our expectations. From being able to book online to our studio itself, we put care and love into every little detail. Yes, we will give you a great tan that you can show off on Rodeo. But that’s not enough – we want you to come and experience the Be Bronze difference firsthand.

get the good kind of SHADE

To put it simply, there are spray tans then there are Be Bronze custom airbrush sprays. Come see why Beverly Hills babes love us!


Beverly Hills Tanning – Perfected

Beverly Hills spray tanning doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead of wondering what products are safe and effective, you can put your trust in Be Bronze. Here’s some more about our product, our process, and our philosophy.

Our tanning solution is:

  • Made with pure grade, French-import EcoCert DHA

  • Infused with an anti-aging complex, comprised of Moroccan argan oil and herbal extracts

  • Contains only gentle, natural ingredients

Our application process is:

  • Personalized based on your preference, skin type, hair color, and eye color

  • Clean and won’t leave you with sticky residue

  • Professional, leaving with you an even spray tan

Our philosophy:

  • We are a glamour destination from beginning to end

  • Bronzed skin should never come at the cost of skin damage or premature aging

  • We take care, from head to toe, because you deserve it


Looking for Beverly Hills Babes

We have created the custom tanning experience that you have been looking for. Book an appointment online to see why our tans are on everyone’s lips!

Usually, something this good takes time. You will be amazed at what we can do in 30 minutes!