About Us

Our Story

Founded on the idea that beautiful bronzed skin should never come at the price of sun damage and premature aging, Be Bronze Studio is so much more than simply an airbrush tanning salon. Our studio is a glamour destination that emphasizes your natural beauty one glowing tan at a time. We want to nourish and love the skin you are in!

Our custom crafted solution is formulated with natural ingredients sourced exclusively from FDA-approved facilities. At Be Bronze, we pride ourselves for our one-of-a-kind formulation, infused with pure grade, French-imported EcoCert DHA in combination with top-shelf antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients like Moroccan argan oil and herbal extracts. We have combined our passion for making people feel beautiful with our creativity through custom colors and our custom-made line of home skincare products, which work to extend your tan.

Step into our world and glow with us!


Brittney Bennett

Brittney Bennett is the Founder of Be Bronze Studio and an airbrush artist extraordinaire! Referenced by many as a "hustler with a huge heart", it's no surprise that Brittney tailored Be Bronze to be so much more than just an airbrush tanning destination. First entering this niche beauty sector 7 years ago, Brittney's intentions were to do nothing more than make some extra cash while pursuing her career in the hospitality industry. Those intentions completely changed the moment she picked up a spray gun and sprayed on "confidence" for her first client! She quickly realized how rewarding it felt to make people feel beautiful. Brittney continued to perfect her craft and very soon became a highly sought after airbrush artist in the Los Angeles area. It wasn't long before her "side hustle" bloomed into a full time, passionate career. Today, Be Bronze Studio in Los Angeles is Brittney's first step to building her empire, one brilliant spray tan at a time!


Anna Kudrjasova

Anna Kudrjasova is the Co-founder of Be Bronze Studio and an experienced entrepreneur. Her previous ventures have given her plenty of experience in the international trade sector, financial prospecting for start ups, brand development and product manufacturing. Most of her career was spent in a global trade company which pursued lucrative opportunities through currency arbitrage. 

In 2016 Anna found a way to leverage her expertise in commerce and overseas sourcing to co-found a successful product line in the permanent make up sector. Later that same year Anna developed an interest for airbrush tanning during the aftermath of an unfortunate burn incident on her leg. Airbrush spray tanning provided both coverage and confidence for Anna. Unfortunately, not every tanning solution is crafted alike. Identifying this gap in the market inspired Anna to explore the sector further. Soon thereafter she partnered with Brittney; a long-time industry professional to create the ultimate glow destination...Be Bronze Studio.