Spray Tan Care

It’s So Much More Than A Spray Tan

Your skin is a reflection of your overall wellness, and our philosophy is that beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare. At Be Bronze, our spray tan formula actually nourishes and improves your skin while giving you a glow that will mesmerize everyone who lays eyes on you. Our custom airbrush spray tan solution is loaded with skin-perfecting ingredients, anti-aging botanicals, and other repairing ingredients to support your skin health.

Golden hour no longer has to end. Ever. We do everything we can to ensure you look as great on the outside as you feel on the inside with a spray tan that actually improves your skin. There are, however, a few things that are out of our control, so be sure to follow these skin preparation and aftercare instructions to help you maintain a gorgeous glow that looks flawless from head to toe.

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What To Do Before A Spray Tan

While the Be Bronze airbrush tanning process is quick and easy, there are a few things you should do to prepare your skin for the spray tan. By following these preparation instructions, your spray tan will look great and last longer.

+ Clothing

What kinds of clothing should I wear?

• Bring loose-fitting clothes to change into immediately after your spray tan

• No denim, no yoga pants, no tight bras or underwear

• Ideally, bring flip flops too

Should I wear a bra for a spray tan?

• Most people spray tan without a bra

• If you must wear one, we recommend a strapless bra or bandeau

+ Exfoliating

Should I exfoliate before I get a spray tan?

• Exfoliate at least 4 hours before your appointment. This gives your pores time to close to avoid discoloration

What is the best pre tan exfoliation?

• We do not recommend any particular brand, but the exfoliator must be oil free and made from organic and natural ingredients

• Exfoliating mit and actual exfoliator depend on your skin needs

+ Showering

Should I shower before getting a spray tan?

• Shower, shave, and exfoliate at least 4 hours before your appointment to give your pores time to close to avoid discoloration

• If you must shower right before your appointment, finish off with a cold rinse to close those pores

+ Moisturizing

Should I moisturize before getting a spray tan?

• Come to your appointment with clean skin

• No lotions or other beauty products

+ Other Tips

Complete other beauty services first

• Complete all other beauty services first, like nails, waxing, facials, and massages

• Wax 24 hours (or more) before your appointment. Wax can stay on the skin and make it difficult for the tanning solution to hold


What To Do After A Spray Tan

After every Be Bronze tanning session, we know you’ll look and feel great. To ensure that your spray tan lasts as long as possible and you maintain your stunning glow, follow these spray tan aftercare instructions.

+ Clothing

What kind of clothing should I wear?

• Wear loose fitting clothing until after your first shower

• No denim, no bras, and no yoga pants

• Ideally, wear a long t-shirt dress

Can I wear socks after getting a spray tan?

• You should not wear socks after a spray tan

Can I wear shoes after getting a spray tan?

• The best shoes after a spray tan include sandals & flip flops

+ Exfoliating

When can I exfoliate after getting a spray tan?

• Don’t exfoliate until you are ready to say goodbye

• When you are ready to say goodbye, use an exfoliating mitt to create the perfect canvas for your next tan

+ Showering

When can I take a shower after getting a spray tan?

• Stay away from all moisture until your first shower; this means no showers, no work outs, no cleaning, no lotions, and no liquid foundations on the skin

• Take your first shower 4 hours after your spray tan

• Do NOT go more than 24 hours after your appointment to shower

How do I wash my body after a spray tan?

• Be gentle. Use warm water, only a natural body wash, and the palms of your hands to rinse surface bronzer off your skin. You will see some bronzer wash away – this is normal!

• Avoid harsh scrubbing, hot water, soap bar, and Dove soap

• Pat yourself dry, don’t rub

How should I wash my hair after I get a spray tan?

• You should not wash you hair as it is necessary for the solution to soak in

• Keep your hair away from water for 8 hours

+ Moisturizing

What type of lotion should I use after a spray tan?

• Moisturize with an oil-free moisturizer

• Moisturize in the AM and PM with an oil-free moisturizer

• From Day 3 onwards, you can use our Tan Extender as your moisturizer

What lotions should I avoid?

• Ensure that the lotion you use is as natural and organic as possible, which means it will include no mineral oil or oils at all • We recommended Lubriderm because it is all natural and oil free

+ Other Tips

What not to do

• To preserve your tan, avoid swimming, long showers, baths, steam rooms, and saunas

• Avoid harsh chemicals such as chlorine, products containing acids, massages, fashion tape, bandages, and anything else that may strip your tan

• We know it’s hard, but keep your hands off your hot self. No leg crossing or other skin to skin contact

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You Deserve The Best

You and your skin deserve the best, which is why we are so committed to offering a custom airbrush spray tan that actually protects your skin rather than damaging it. To ensure your spray tan lasts as long as possible, follow all of these preparation and aftercare instructions. If you have any other questions about spray tans and the Be Bronze process, check out our FAQ page, or get in touch us with us directly by visiting our Contact page.